Who I am

I loved beautiful things since I was at school. It all started from interior design, I remember myself watching architecture channels, interior and apartment reviews day after day. However, as I felt that 3D wasn’t thing I was passionate about, I kept looking for something that would really flip a switch in me and turn me on.

Honestly, I can’t remember that exact moment I felt that I should be a designer, but here I am, spending countless hours in Figma and enjoying that as hard as I can.

When I’m out of computer, I usually cook, train in gym, swim, play poker with friends, drive or just chill playing games (and waiting for Audi to come to the F1 in 2025

my experience through the years

my experience through the years

JAN 2021 - jul 2023


never stops

cooking is my passion too

i collect playing cards

try to open